Justyn Zolli now represented by Gallery Sam of Berkeley CA:New works at: artMRKT San Francisco, artMRKT HAMPTONS

New works at: artMRKT San Francisco, artMRKT HAMPTONS

I am pleased to announce my affiliation with Gallery Sam of Berkeley California. This gallery has been dealing beautiful fine art in Northern California for 16 years. Mainly focusing on abstraction from the post WWII, Aboriginal Australian, Indian, European, American and contemporary paintings and sculptures.

I was thrilled to have selected for show 5 works from my ‘Moon Over Waves’ series at the international art fair artMRKT in San Francisco in May 2013, and again a large ‘Moon Over Waves’ painting will be shown in July 2013 at artMRKT HAMPTONS in New York.




Moon Over Waves I (2013) IMG_0067


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