Photographic Studies

Click on the drop down menus, or the links below, to see photo essays, and galleries of photographic images, representing investigations of light, geologies, watercourses, flora and wildlife studied in preserves and National Parks throughout North America.

1.Studies of Rocks and Water,

2.Studies of The Moon,

3. Studies of Trees,

4.Studies of Skyscapes,

5.Studies of Birds


“I have been shooting photographs since I was 21, and my uncle bought me my first camera for a course I was taking in art school. It was a Nikkormat 35mm and three compatible Nikon lenses came from my grandfather a little while later.  I preferred shooting in black+white then, because I could make nice enlargements in the school darkroom.  Mainly, however, I used it to document my artwork, take shots on trips, and basically use it to train my eye for composition (for later paintings).
Now I generally use my photographs as an ‘atlas of images’, as visual records of my direct experiences.   Although I eschew direct literal translation from photos into paintings, I found that the practice of photography has revealed to me in innumerable images the types of forms and visual rhythms that my eye is consistently attracted to.  Consistent photo making has  showed me in great clarity the many diverse, universal  manifestations of the principles I am interested in exploring in paint and ink.”